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      Excellent Composite Solutions Provider

      Burning Passion,Innovative Growth

      New Material Bring A Green Life


      Focusing on the development strategy of intelligent manufacturing, internationalization, innovation platform and Internet +, the company is committed to becoming an "excellent composite material solution provider" focusing on global localization.

      About Us

      NMG Composites Co;Ltd.

      NMG, founded in 2006, is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and marketing of composites materialstechnical fabrics and structural core materials. Based on the development strategic planning of intelligent manufacturing, internationalization,innovative platform and internet+, NMG aims to be the excellent composites solutions provider focusing on global localization.


      The enterprise spirit of "burning passion, innovation and growth", adhering to the business philosophy of "sincerely for you, harmonious progress", adhering to the core values of "respect, responsibility, integrity, efficiency, innovation", continue to create value and create value products and services